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This web page is highly secure.  You can rest assured that your input in this page is highly encrypted and not viewable except for cyberbest.com admin (Joel)  Feel free to use this page to pass us sensitive information.  Look at the lock symbol on your browser to show the site is secure. 

 This is the perfect place to send us credit card and any other sensitive information.  Use the form below and your information will be sent directly to ONLY Joel using our highly secure communications channel.

f you are entering Credit Card information, Please remember to include:

 - The name on the card and the complete address where you receive your credit card mail.
 - Then of course, the Card number, Exp date
 - Don't forget the 3 digit code on the back of the card (CVV)

Email Address:
Thank you for your update

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This page is secured by GeoTrust 256 Bit Encryption

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