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 We are sure you have many questions that need answered. Please send us mail while we create this FAQ.


Q- I can't seem to update my Microsoft FrontPage site

A- FrontPage support has been depreciated on January, 1 2015.  Back in 2005 Microsoft dropped support for their product and we have been nursing it along for these many years. But now, because of lack of support and huge security issues, we had no choice but to drop Microsoft FrontPage support.  Please remember we can help you convert away from FrontPage.  See Google or/and this link for more information.


Q- I am interested in the optional SPAM/Virus filter

A- Cyberbest's Advanced Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus Email Defense system utilizes a combination of hardware firewalls from Barracuda and MailFoundry, combined with proprietary Real Time Black Lists, to maximize email protection for our clients. Unlike other providers that use free open-source software, our custom email defense system will eliminate 99% of Spam with a false positive rate of 1 in 1,000,000. We guarantee that our Advanced Email Defense system will beat any other filtering service in both quality and value.  We feel so sure you will just love our Spam filtering we offer a free 30 day trial. Contact support for details!

Q- What sort of backups are performed

A- All our servers are backed up every night. We hold one daily, weekly and Monthly  backup off box. In this way we can restore data even if the server blows it's brains out.  Of course, depending on the failure it might take a while to complete a restore.  We also offer a backup option in your Control Panel. This will zip up your complete site and download it to your PC for safe keeping. We take reasonable precautions to safeguard your data. But ultimately, it's your responsibility to have copies of your data to be able to recover your site. See our Policy tab for further information.

Q- So what precautions do you take to safe guard our data

A- All our servers have mirror disk drives. One disk failure will not hinder the servers operation in any way. We will then replace the failed drive when we can schedule down time. Our facilities are guarded around he clock and our servers are in a secure and fenced in area. Only authorized personnel have access.  We also have redundant ISP's to feed our servers. We will NOT be caught off guard if one ISP has network issues. We can roll our servers back and forth between ISP's with minimal effort.  Also our whole data center runs on Battery backup. Then the battery backup is backed up with diesel generator. There is about 30 days worth of fuel on-site.   We are always striving to make our services more reliable and secure and welcome any suggestions.

Q- What sort of up time should I expect.

A- We strive for 100% up time. To date, our record is well over 99.99% up time. Our redundant ISP's and clustered server allow us such reliability.  We have been in business for over 15 years and I dare to say not many Hosting companies can come even close to our reliability numbers.  We also monitor our servers and move sites back and forth to balance traffic and load.  We will never run a server at over 50% capacity.   We also have our servers near the west cost hub. This allows us very few hops to get anywhere on the Internet. This in itself allows us to provide very snappy service.  As you can see, we have gone a long way to bring you outstanding service.


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